2017 President's Message


To be part of the Edmonton Gymkhana Assocation again this season has been inspirational, to say the least. With so many returning sponsors it makes me feel that our community support is strong. Our new sponsors are welcomed by a volunteer group of members that are highly motiviated. Thank you from all the families that call EGA home.

Leading all the clubs into Finals this weekend are our Senior members. Our Seniors continue to advise, mentor, and volunteer everywhere we go! Their presence is felt throughout every event whether it be up in the booth, judging, recording times, or running the gate. We lean on them so much, because we know that are dependable.

Having key positions with our executive, two ladies that also ride in our Senior Division - Pat Mattson and Carolin Larsen continue to lead the way. We love their energy every meeting night. To see them compete alongside all 26 senior recording members . . . . Well - kinda says it all.

From helping the kids with their horses, to giving some needed advice. I want to give a shoutout to all our senior members for everything they do.

Melvin Underwood
EGA President